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I've been writing for as long as I can remember. When I was eight, my mother brought home an old typewriter. On that day, I became a young journalist, lifting stories from the Boston Globe and rewriting them, and then cutting and pasting, not with Windows Word but with Elmer’s glue.

It was fun.

Between then and now, I have had a few careers, one wife and two children, a grandchild and another on the way. I’m a retired financial planner who loved what he did, helping people navigate their family finances, but now I am doing what I’ve dreamed of doing as a young child. Writing. Period.

As a financial planner, I also wrote books on the financial planning practice and have taught at NYU and Adelphi. So, I’ve always been writing, but now I get to write what I fancy most.


One day, while flying home, I got this idea of a young dad being conflicted with his career and family life. It struck me as a great modern-day premise, but I wasn't sure of the genre. I saw the character as being riddled with doubt and fear, and I wanted to show him as conquering his character faults, but not before he chose his job over his family. It then hit me that I could do a lot with the theme using science fiction/fantasy as the backdrop. The genre would enable me to magnify what was at stake for him. In 2015, I wrote what I now consider a prequel to The Fortress of Time series, "Angel of The Lord." As soon as I realized the story had only begun, I stopped the book to write three others. 

The Return of TAU, The Rise of PI, and The Fall of Kronogon.

I wrote these books as one, but would release them separately.

The Return of TAU will soon be available on Kindle and in paperback (May 1-2). The Rise of PI, I have slated for release in early 2021, and The Fall of Kronogon later that year.

Now that said, please don't think you have to read the entire series to get a satisfying read. Each book stands on its own despite being a part of a trilogy. Kirkus Reviews said of this aspect:

"While it's the first installment in a series, this volume wraps up its story threads more neatly than other SF sagas, not leaving readers stranded in a ninth circle of cliffhanger hell."

I hope you enjoy The Return of TAU and write a review of it when you finish. Below you will see a short synopsis of the book. 


My first typewriter looked something like this.

Fortress of Time Series

First Book: The Return of TAU

Excerpts From Kirkus Reviews on The Return of TAU

Excerpts From Kirkus Reviews on The Return of TAU



  Shaken by the disappearance of their bodies, a young dad is at a loss to find his family. Only an alien friend knows where they are, Lord TAU of the Kronogons, a powerful, shape-shifting creature whose whole being is to fight time, which is the meaning of Kronogon.

His people have taken them, he tells Jonathan, the father, but why? To bring them back to life, he says.

Jonathan can't believe what TAU is saying. With no other course and feeling guilty for not being there for his family, he sets out with his friends on a blind journey with TAU as their Sherpa.

Just when he thinks he has found his family, another alien species, the Greys of Nardomon, abducts them. Unlike the Kronogons, the Greys have other plans in mind for his family. Jonathan asks what they could be. TAU suspects the worst.

An unlikely pairing of two fishermen and a beautiful young woman/half-angel accompany Jonathan and TAU. To get back to heaven, Angelina must convert her hatred of Humans into helping Jonathan. The fact that she's an angel is no guarantee of success, for she has failed everyone since the beginning of her time on Earth.

His human friends, too, are paralyzed with fear to face the Greys. Jonathan must stand alone against a resolute enemy as the odds unwind slowly against him – even with the return of TAU. 

The Return of TAU is now available as an eBook on and as a paperback. You can also ask for it at your favorite book store. 

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Excerpts From Kirkus Reviews on The Return of TAU

Excerpts From Kirkus Reviews on The Return of TAU

Excerpts From Kirkus Reviews on The Return of TAU


“The two alien races may scheme like Cold War antagonists, but they have enough imaginative touches and exotic cultural details to merit genre respect, say on a Star Trek series level… Angelina registers less as a channel for holy thoughts…full of mild wisecracks and spunky patter... than as a superhero type…The author is adept at keeping things moving and throwing cinematic-level twists into the Robert Ludlum-sized narrative to maintain reader interest…While it's the first installment in a series, (entitled “Fortress of Time.”) this volume wraps up its story threads more neatly than other SF sagas, not leaving readers stranded in a ninth circle of cliffhanger hell. Aliens, angels and an action-hero dad star in a rousing genre mishmash that plays out better than it sounds." – Kirkus Reviews

The Prequel: The Angle of The Lord

Excerpts From Kirkus Reviews on The Return of TAU

The Prequel: The Angle of The Lord



Jonathan Prescott is taking his family home in caskets in cargo when a brilliant white light suddenly engulfs his plane. Seconds later, a terrorist missile strikes it. All are lost, except for Jonathan, who falls from the sky and lands in the sea. All Jonathan knows is that it was no ordinary light that saved him.

Unknown to Jonathan, a deranged President who wants him dead because of what he saw and sics a rogue FBI team on him. Others want him dead as well. The terrorists who shot down the plane chafe at his celebrity status for having survived their handiwork. Jonathan doesn’t know it yet, but the light is a wormhole through which Earth will be invaded.

Meanwhile, the leader of an advanced alien party, named TAU, covertly controls the President. He, too, doesn’t want panic in the streets if the people learn the true identity of this light. For all of his brute presence, TAU says he comes in peace as does his people, the Kronogons. To his chagrin, he feels he has to assist others in killing Jonathan or wind up doing the job himself.

Only an angel can rescue Jonathan. Angelina, a nun and a nurse by day, is doing penance on Earth. Her latest assignment is to protect Jonathan and help him find his dead family. There’s no guarantee she will succeed. She’s been failing her mission for eons now as she’s no ordinary angel either. Her patter can be snarky at times, and she can also fight for her charge. Her only weakness is that she cannot kill. The two grow in their relationship. An idealistic Jonathan hopes to prove her wrong about Humans despite his own guilt in not being with his family when they died. What’s at stake now is not just Jonathan’s survival, but the world’s as human and unearthly forces seem to conspire against all that is good in humanity.

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The Prequel: The Angle of The Lord

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The Incas of Cusco, Peru knew as well as anyone the joy of executing the perfect fit and finish.

Writing is like building a wall over an uneven surface. Rarely, does it go in a straight line but at every ragged turn, the writer must seek perfection so that characters, twists and scenery all fit neatly into place.